Personalised, Downloadable, Interactive Magic and Circus Show

A unique, downloadable & interactive magic and circus show for kids

Magic – Juggling – Unicycling – Comedy

Are your kids bored while stuck at home? Or having a birthday during lockdown? Let us turn those frowns upside down with a Downloadable, Interactive Magic and Circus Show. We can even personalise the show with your child’s name!

Tom’s fabulous children’s show includes magic, juggling, unicycling and comedy. Your kids will have so much fun as they take part in the interactive magic and circus tricks.

Photo to introduce Tom from our downloadable interactive magic and circus show. And to introduce Sparkles from our personalised birthday show.

We are Tom and Amanda from Big Top Entertainment, and we’ve come up with a creative way to the adapt our business, and entertain your kiddies during lockdown. Filmed at our home in Durban, South Africa, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made a fun filled 30 minute Interactive Magic and Circus Show. As it’s downloadable you can watch it in the comfort of your own home, on your laptop, tablet, or phone.

We thank you for supporting our small family business ❤️

A boy and girl taking part in the interactive tricks, while watching a downloadable personalised magic and circus show on a laptop.
Now wave the wand one, two, three times! Two happy kiddies enjoying the interactive magic tricks in their show.

We have three fantastic downloadable options.

Preview clip for 30 minute Personalised Interactive Magic and Circus Show

Our downloadable show is great value, as your child can watch the entertainment time and time again.

Want instant smiles?

STANDARD SHOW: $6.50 USD (+-5.50 GBP* / +-125 ZAR*)

Put a smile on your kid’s face RIGHT NOW, with an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of Tom the Clown’s Interactive Magic and Circus Show.

With our instant download option the download link will arrive in your inbox as soon as we receive your PayPal payment!

A little girl watching her own downloadable interactive magic and circus show on a computer screen.
Where is it? It’s behind your ear!

Want to amaze your child with a personalised magic and circus show?

PERSONALISED SHOW: $11.95 USD (+-9.95 GBP* / 200 ZAR)

This option is the same as our standard show but with AWESOME PERSONALISATION!

Tom the Clown will personalise his interactive magic and circus show with YOUR CHILD’S NAME.

Your kids will be so happy and surprised when they hear Tom the Clown speaking THEIR OWN NAME from the screen! Our personalised show takes just 24 – 48 hours, from receipt of payment, to be delivered to your email inbox!

It’s also a great birthday gift to send to a special little person, when you can’t just pop out to the shop!

Got more than one kid? No problem! We can add multiple names to your personalised show free of charge.

Is it birthday time?


For birthday show bookings, your kiddies will receive our awesome Personalised, Interactive Magic and Circus Show, but with a fabulous birthday surprise!

Sparkles the Clown will also sing a personalised happy birthday song, at the end of their Magic and Circus Show. Your child will also take part in interactive candle blowing on a special birthday cake.

Preview clip for interactive happy birthday song and candle blowing.

Get in touch

Or WhatsApp us on +27 81 456 0703

Limited Special Prices:

These prices will increase once we get back to normal operations. So buy now!

STANDARD SHOW (no personalisation) $6.50 USD (+-5.50 GBP* / +-125 ZAR*)

PERSONALISED SHOW $11.95 USD (+-9.95 GBP* / 200 ZAR)

PERSONALISED BIRTHDAY SHOW $14.95 USD (+-11.95 GBP*/250 ZAR) Including happy birthday song and interactive candle blowing.

(* Prices shown in different currencies may fluctuate due to the exchange rate)

Please kindly note the following:

  • Big Top Entertainment is a small family run business and entertainment is our ONLY source of income. As South Africa is in lockdown, due to COVID-19, we can’t perform our live shows at this time. We are hoping that these downloadable shows will support our family during the pandemic.
  • We are professional performers, with over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry. But we are not professional videographers, or sound engineers. It is a home video style, as per the trailer, and filmed in our yard during lockdown, not in a studio. This is why the price is so low!

Thank you for supporting our small, family run business, during this difficult time.

We look forward to entertaining you!

Stay home, stay safe, and enjoy the show.

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